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Every week we will be highlighting some of the fascinating species we have here in the UK, as well as sharing a little bit of information on them.

Week one is the Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus), photographed here by our newest collaborator and amateur wildlife photographer @cherry.daniel

Long-tailed Tits are some of the most charismatic birds we have in the UK. They are small birds that flit around from branch to branch in flocks, and are easily recognisable by their super long tails and slight pinkish colouring. Their cheeky, adorable look is paired with a gregarious personality, making them a memorable bird to spot in your garden! 

They will eat insects, including mealworm, and a range of common bird seed, so garden bird feeders are a good way to attract them! They only weigh about 8 grams, roughly the same as three pennies! Luckily, Long-tailed Tits have a stable population in the UK and their conservation status is classed as 'least concern'. Keep an eye out for them and if you spot one, make sure to share your photos with us! 

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