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This week we're taking a look at one of our more common and misunderstood species here in the UK: the Fox (Vulpes vulpes). Once again, the image this week is courtesy of @cherry.daniel - please check out his page for more of his incredible work!

As well as being the UK's only wild member of the dog family, foxes are incredibly clever, adaptable and adorable! Being a member of the dog family, foxes love food and are considered opportunists when it comes to finding their meals. Also like the domestic dog, foxes are omnivores.

Foxes have suffered some pretty poor press over the years, being vilified by many as a pest out to steal livestock. In reality, foxes are traditionally bound to large open areas, and would generally hunt small animals such as smaller mammals (rabbits, mice and voles), birds and amphibians for a meal, or scavenge leftovers from larger animals' successful hunts. Due to the increasing impacts of human development and earlier eradication of larger predators (like Lynx and Wolves) from the wilds here in the UK, their natural habitat is receding and they are forced into urban environments to survive. Sadly, outside of general protection from intention harm, foxes don't benefit from any specific legislative protection.

What do you think about foxes - friendly ginger doggo or countryside pest? Let us know in the comments!

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