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This week we’ve teamed up with a new photographer @naturenerdchelsey, go and take a look at her cracking work! A big thank you to Chelsea for letting us use her photo!

October is the peak month of red deer rutting in the UK - a spectacular show where male deer (stags) clash their antlers together in feisty battle to win the chance to mate with females.


These showdowns are thrilling and noisy to watch, with the most activity around sunrise and sunset. Stags will often ensnare vegetation in their antlers to make them look even more formidable!

There are six species of deer in the UK, but only two - red deer and roe deer - are native. The rest have all been introduced at various times since the 10th century.


Roe deer even went extinct in England during the 1800s due to hunting and deforestation, but their numbers have since risen as they have made
a return.

Deers are herbivores, with their diet including berries, grass, leaves and fruits. Their average lifespan is between 12-19 years, and their preferred habitat is woodland, although they may also venture out into open fields.


If you are lucky enough to see deer rutting this autumn, let us know in the comments! Always remember to keep a safe distance.

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