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With the arrival of frosty mornings and cold temperatures also comes some visitors from afar! Redwings and fieldfares are birds from Scandinavia and Central Europe that migrate here to spend the winter across the UK.

They are a social type of bird called a thrush (Latin name Turdidae) which is in the same family as blackbirds. The redwings are easily identifiable by their cream eye stripe and rusty red patches on their sides.

Fieldfares are usually a little bit bigger, with grey heads and beautiful speckled markings across their chests.

These winter visitors will migrate at night when the dangers of predation are lower. Listen out for a distinctive high pitched “seep” call they make as they swoop overhead!

In early winter they can be seen out in fields and hedgerows. If season is harsh by late winter their hunt for food may even bring them into more urban areas like gardens. Worms, berries and apples are their foods of choice!

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